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It’s Alive!!

Yes indeed! I figured it was time to dust off this blog again. Lately I have had the time to clay more. And, just recently I’ve found kindred Scandinavians who actually know what polymer clay is! I just joined a Facebook group for Scandinavian polymer clay people. And I noticed that the sewing and handicraft …

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Why Cernit clay?

Why do I use Cernit polymer clay? Well, the first reason is that there are two kinds of clay that dominate the Swedish market, Cernit and Fimo Soft. So Cernit is a lot easier to get a hold of than say Premo or Kato. Second, I like the softness and pliabilty of Cernit. I tried …

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See? I ramble!

This is what I mean! I start out trying to write a short introduction, and I end up with a wall of text that goes way in detail about something that hopefully stays a little on topic. Bear with me people!

More about me

What does Tanli stand for? It’s actually an abbreviation of my name. Tanli is short for Tanja Lindqvist. Technically I suppose it should be Tanwa now, since I married and became a Wahlgren. But since the nickname is some 12 years old now, it has stuck. So, who am I? I’m a thirty-something woman who …

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Hello world!

Welcome to the English version of! A short introduction: The one writing and running this blog is me, Tanli, or Tee for short. I decided to name this blog Tanli Design, since it will mostly focus around my creative works. I work mostly with polymer clay, mainly Cernit clay. I also occasionally paint. My ’signature’ …

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