It’s Alive!!

Yes indeed!

I figured it was time to dust off this blog again. Lately I have had the time to clay more. And, just recently I’ve found kindred Scandinavians who actually know what polymer clay is! I just joined a Facebook group for Scandinavian polymer clay people. And I noticed that the sewing and handicraft fair here in Stockholm had more than just cloth and yarns. I have actually met other polymer clay enthusiasts! And I came back with a bunch of tools and texture sheets I didn’t have previously. Perhaps too much according to my dear hubby. 🙂

So now I have lots of new things to experiment with! I’ve gotten a few packets of Fimo Classic and Premo that I intend to compare caning with.

And what have I done since I forgot this blog existed? Well, I did find liquid polymer clay and I have been experimenting. I’m not sure I like the softness of Fimo clear liquid, but I do like the transparency, But pieces with it tend to feel a little too rubbery for my taste.

Oh, and last year I joined the Flickr group 12 Polymer Projects in 2013. It was really very useful to have a ’deadline’ each month to finish something. I’ve been reaching out to the polymer community more and more. It’s good for my inspiration, and for my shyness. I’m still to shy to post comments in most places, but I’m getting there.

I’ve also tried a lot of kaleidoscope caning and mokume gane. I’ve also strayed from simple pendant necklaces to a little more complex jewelry. But I’m realizing that most of my talent lies with sculpting. My latest project was a dragon figurine for my hubby on Valentine’s Day.

I hope I’ll continue updating this blog with more projects, and pictures. Especially now that I know people are actually reading it! 🙂

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