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The Handicraft Cafe

I was at the cafe yesterday. They’ve sold some of my stuff! I could only find one pair of neon earrings left. The Handicraft Cafe, as I call it, is run by Botkyrka-Salem Hemslöjdsförening, a craft guild for all kinds of traditional and new handicrafts. I became a member 4 years ago through one of …

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I’ve always been fascinated by dragons. Winged creatures of fantasy that can look almost like anything. But in my mind a dragon has both arms and wings. And the wings should be large enough to be believable. Not even fantasy beasts can fly with too small wings, no matter how cute. And I’m not that …

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It’s Alive!!

Yes indeed! I figured it was time to dust off this blog again. Lately I have had the time to clay more. And, just recently I’ve found kindred Scandinavians who actually know what polymer clay is! I just joined a Facebook group for Scandinavian polymer clay people. And I noticed that the sewing and handicraft …

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From the Archives – Wolf Shirts

Way back in 2003/2005 I had a thing for painting on shirts. I figured a shirt was at least a little more useful than a painting. And I noticed that painting fur on cloth is a lot easier than on canvas. So these two shirts became the christmas gifts one year. The wolves are painted …

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Why Cernit clay?

Why do I use Cernit polymer clay? Well, the first reason is that there are two kinds of clay that dominate the Swedish market, Cernit and Fimo Soft. So Cernit is a lot easier to get a hold of than say Premo or Kato. Second, I like the softness and pliabilty of Cernit. I tried …

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